XLT 4.0 Developer Screencasts

The XLT Screencast PageWe just published four brand-new screencasts about XLT 4.0, its features, and how to work with them. This is our first attempt to use screencasts as a way of documenting our software. They do not replace the written documentation, of course, but they do provide a quick and easy way to become familiar with XLT.

You might be especially interested in the new Script Developer. Our main feature of XLT 4.0.

The script developer is our approach to write and execute scripts efficiently within Firefox. It is a tool to quickly automate web application, share scripts without the hassle of complicated installations, while maintaining full control over possible other ways to execute scripts. The script developer lays the foundation to run test within the browser, execute scripts during builds, create and run test-driven tests, and, if required, export scripts into Java to unleash the power of a modern programming language.

Enjoy the screencasts and of course feedback is always welcome.

Availability of new XLT 4.0 EC2 Images

There are new public Amazon EC2 images (AMI) available each running 4 agentcontrollers of XLT 4.0.0.r6019 on ports 8500 to 8503. Feel free to use them for your load testing purposes.

  • EU-West: ami-9b5064ef
  • US-East: ami-5647b63f
  • US-West: ami-539dcd16

The usage of the images is free or charge but you have to pay your AWS usage costs of course. Please keep in mind that you need a valid license to run a load test with more than 5 virtual users.