XLT skills are in demand

XLT skills in demandThe German computer magazine c’t recently published the results of their recurring income study among IT personnel.

The hourly rates for knowledge and skills list XLT – Xceptance LoadTest – in second place, right after DB2 and before Windows Embedded.

Yes, we were a little surprised to see XLT skills in such high demand. It encourages and motivates us, because we know that we are on the right track with XLT to deliver an flexible but simple and efficient tool for load and performance testing, as well as regression testing.

What does this mean for you as developer, tester, or IT decider? Get yourself a copy of XLT, take a closer look at it, train your developers, or learn it yourself, because others already have and they are enjoying a competitive advantage.

Source: Zahltag – c’t 06/2012, page 94