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We Take Web Privacy Seriously

Internet SurveillanceWhile privacy laws are still a work in progress, the EU and Germany have made several statements about what is right or wrong. But the current state of regulation is unclear about what actually is permitted or has to be provided.


In the light of the EU GDPR (DSGVO in German) that kicks in on 25 May 2018, this article is even more important, because you can ensure that tracking will only happen when a user has not opted out or he/she consent to tracking. Also our method automatically honors DNT settings by the user and won’t bother any visitor if this settings has been applied. And now… please read on…

Xceptance takes the privacy of our users seriously. We decided to implement tracking and privacy for our website xceptance.com differently than what is usually seen on the market: we provide users with more choices, and we’re stricter about respecting your decisions, yet without pestering you with lots of button clicking.
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Xceptance.com Goes Open Source

GitHubLike most companies we use and benefit from open source projects from all around the world. To actively participate and give something back, we started our own open source project that others can hopefully benefit from as well: Our website Xceptance.com has been open sourced.

In building our new website, we faced different requirements and challenges, like easy to maintain pages, mostly static content, a modern design, multiple languages, multiple domains, and so on.
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Our New Website is Live!

New Xceptance WebsiteWe proudly announce that Xceptance has a new website. Our 10th anniversary made us look back on where we are coming from, what we have been doing and what experiences we gained throughout the past ten years. It was time to have a new web presence reflect all that!

We took advantage of Bootstrap, Less, Jekyll, Git, Font Awesome, and Jenkins to create a website that primarily wants to help our visitors quickly learn about Xceptance, our services and our product. We wanted it to be modern but plain so that we can communicate what we do in the most comprehensive and user-friendly way possible. No boasting, no bragging, and just a little bit about ourselves. To have it all look nice and work smoothly for the mobile users as well, we used Bootstrap.

Since we’re always looking for new people that want to join us, we added a comprehensive jobs page which lists current open positions in both our offices, Cambridge, MA, USA and Jena, Germany.

Go check it out for yourselves! As always, we appreciate any kind of feedback!

Die neuen Websites sind endlich live

Endlich sind wir live mit unseren neuen Websites www.xceptance.de und www.xceptance.com. Das Design wurde komplett überarbeitet, alle Inhalte wurden angepasst oder oft sogar komplett neu erstellt. Besonders viel Wert haben wir auf die Präsentation unseres Produktes XLT gelegt. Wir hoffen, Euch gefällt unser neuer Auftritt. Anregungen, Vorschläge und auch Beschwerden sind jederzeit willkommen.

Wir haben in der Galerie nochmal die Evolution unserer Website zusammengefasst. Sieht doch nach Fortschritt aus, oder?

Als Hintergrundinformation sei noch verraten, dass wir Typolight als CMS einsetzen und beide Sites im gleichen System betreiben. Ganz so einfach wie wir es uns ursprünglich vorgestellt hatten, war es trotzdem leider nicht. Dazu soll aber noch ein Blogartikel folgen, der unsere Erfahrungen mit Typolight beschreibt.