Availability of XLT 4.1.7

Xceptance is announcing the availability of Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) version 4.1.7. This is an update release and includes smaller improvements and defect fixes. The update is recommended for everyone.


  • Script Developer: Breakpoints can be set at a module call now. They have been moved to the first command of the module before.
  • Runtime Engine: WebDriver has been updated to version 2.16.1.
  • Script Developer: Now it supports new HTML 5 input elements, such as email and date, during record and playback.


  • Runtime Engine: When running multiple test cases at once from Eclipse or with Ant, the values measured for each test case were always stored in the timers.csv file of the first test case. This was a development mode issue only.
  • Master controller: Agent controller urls are now checked to ensure that they are unique.
  • Script Developer: The base url text box was not correctly updated when the url was changed via the Edit Dialog before.
  • Script Developer: WaitFor commands included a small pause before checking the condition even though the condition was already fulfilled. This pause has been removed.
  • Script Developer: Using a mouse wheel for scrolling now works in Firefox 9.
  • Runtime Engine: When getting the value of an option element, the HtmlUnitDriver does not fall back to the option’s text content in case the option does not specify a value attribute. This behavior is mandatory according to the HTML specification. Fixed in the XltDriver until a fix is provided by the underlying project.
  • Runtime Engine: For input elements of type hidden, HtmlUnit’s API method isDisplayed() returned true although hidden inputs are never visible to the user.

All details and the full download can be found here: https://lab.xceptance.de/releases/xlt/4.1.7/