Availability of Xceptance LoadTest 4.2.0

XLT 4.2.0 delivers a large set of new and improved functionality.

The Script Developer has seen a lot of enhancements. Most noticeably is the support of variables now. You can store data from the web page, run calculations in JavaScript and store the result, and reuse all later. There is now the notion of global and local test data. So any data that applies to multiple test cases at the same time can be managed more easily now. Besides the already mentioned store commands, the Script Developer also permits assertion and wait commands for visibility, select and check boxes, as well as value attributes of an element.

Further usability improvements permit easier switching between projects and the execution of a single command in a test case for faster development. Test cases can now be run directly from the package tree without the need to open them first. The test data management has been completely reworked to simplify and speed up editing of data.

The load test engine supports a fully variable load test profile now. You can define any load pattern you want, such as a 24 hour test with peaks around noon and early afternoon, low traffic during night hours, slow ramp up in the morning and multiple load changes over the course of the day. Additionally the ramp up of arrival rates is now supported as well.

To speed up things and fully utilize the available connectivity, the upload to and the download from agents has been fully parallelized. Optionally you can adjust the desired concurrency. Also the timeout against agents can now be set.

The documentation layout as well as the report design have been redesigned to improve usability, make them visually more pleasant, and unify their appearance. Third party libraries used to deliver enhanced functionality have been upgraded to cover the latest browsers as well as UI trends.

Please see the detailed release notes for more information about new features, enhancements, and defect fixes.