Xceptance.com Goes Open Source

GitHubLike most companies we use and benefit from open source projects from all around the world. To actively participate and give something back, we started our own open source project that others can hopefully benefit from as well: Our website Xceptance.com has been open sourced.

In building our new website, we faced different requirements and challenges, like easy to maintain pages, mostly static content, a modern design, multiple languages, multiple domains, and so on.

We decided to build a website which is statically generated, so we can avoid annoying software updates and security issues, get the fastest delivery possible, and have everything versioned in Git. The best solution for static content websites we found back then was Jekyll. There are so many solutions out now, but Jekyll is still the most popular.

Jekyll is a great tool, but it has its limitations, such as language-specific content and multi-domain usage. So you will find a couple of plugins we used in the code base, as well as some code in the templates to achieve a great menu.

For a clean, modern design we used other projects such as Bootstrap, Less, and FontAwesome.

On GitHub you can see the result of our work. This is a version that only deviates a little from our actual website. We watermarked all images and blurred the employee photos to make the copyright handling easier.

All the code is licensed under the MIT license. All content and the design is licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.

We invite you to learn from it, contribute to it, or simply use it as starting point for your own projects. But please obey the license.