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Test Automation – Here are our Thoughts on it

XLT Script DeveloperToday’s article can be seen as a survey reflecting our thoughts on web test automation in general. It basically lists personal experiences that we were able to gain in customer projects or conclusions that we arrived at in recent discussions on this topic.

Feel free to use these ideas and thoughts as input for your own discourse on test automation, whether it is about starting it, keeping it running, or just questioning it every once in a while.
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Heute habe ich einen interessanten Ansatz für eine Verbesserung von JUnit gefunden – TestedBy.

In a nutshell TestedBy aims to change the point of view regarding test classes and classes under test. What we would obtain is to put class under test (the most important classes of your projects) on the centre and link from there your test class and test method.

Ist einen Blick wert, da es scheinbar erstmal das Management der Tests verbessert.