Test Automation for Demandware SiteGenesis with XLT

Demandware, Inc., a leading on-demand ecommerce platform provider, offers a fast and ready to use storefront implementation called SiteGenesis. Implementation partners are using that as a template to implement customized storefronts. This means that testing is part of the effort of course.

Testing a storefront can be a tedious task. It often consists of regression testing to ensure that the already properly tested functionality is still doing well after a bug fix. Additionally a lot of development processes are agile nowadays. You do not want to go back and start testing again, when you get a new iteration, do you? So what to do?

Test automation to the rescue! We are going to provide you an initial test suite that covers most bases and can act as a template for your test automation effort. The test suite runs with Xceptance LoadTest Script Developer and is well documented.

Watch this short introductory video and get an idea what you can achieve with proper test automation.

The test automation suite can be downloaded right here: XLT SiteGenesis Test Automation Suite.

If you are taking part in the development of SiteGenesis because you joined Demandware’s Open Collaboration Model and got access to GitHub, you can also get the latest version of the test suite straight from the repository. We are of course always interested to get your feedback, so fork the suite and let us know.

You need Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) and Mozilla Firefox to get the test suite running. Windows, Linux, MacOS? Any OS is fine. XLT is free of charge. No strings attached.

If you are interested in your own version of the test suite, you want achieve a broader coverage, or your simple need a hint how to proceed, let us know. If you need support for XLT, you can purchase it right here: XLT Service Portal.

P.S. We do not provide you an instance of SiteGenesis for testing. You have to be a signed up partner or customer of Demandware to get your own test instance.

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