TestSuite-NoCoding – Load Testing with CSV Files

Our test suite on GitHubWe continue to share cool things with the community of software testers and developers. Today we are announcing the availability of our no coding test suite for XLT under the Apache License v2.0.


You want to fire just a couple of URLs to load test your application? You have to investigate the performance problems of a feature and you need accurate measurements as well as a lot of load generated? You like XLT and its capabilities, but you don’t have the time to compile a sophisticated test suite from scratch? Whatever your motivation, our new test suite for XLT is the solution you are looking for.

It lets you define a test by editing a CSV file. You can start by replaying prerecorded URLs; later on, you can spice up your definitions by adding validations, random data, data from data providers, or data from previous pages.


  • Reads test definitions from CSV files
  • Supports data validation
  • Allows two modes to run tests
    • DOM mode, that is you can use xpath to verify and get data (HtmlUnit parses the responses into a DOM)
    • Lightweight mode which means no DOM overhead, just plain HTTP and HTTPS traffic, and very low resource consumption
  • Cookie handling is automatic
  • Static content can be handled automatically or specified manually
  • Does not disable any XLT features


You will find the documentation on the GitHub page as part of the README. Additional documentation is provided as part of the test suite itself, because we added a set of example test cases and their respective CSV files that run against the famous Pebble example (part of the XLT download).

So make sure you check out the main example CSV: tauthor.csv. Its header presents most of the possible features, while the CSV line show you how to grab data from the returned data and pass it to the next request as part of the parameters.

In case you only want to test something simple that does not require data to be passed from one request to another, you can go with just these lines:

Get it and fork it

Our test suite is available on GitHub under the Apache License V2.0. So feel free to use, modify, or share it. We appreciate your feedback as much as any code or pieces of documentation you would like to share.

Happy load testing!