Xceptance released XLT 4.5

Xceptance released version 4.5 of its load testing and test automation product Xceptance LoadTest (XLT). This release enables you to write better test documentation, delivers more scripting capabilities, and shows really cool charts.

XLT 4.5.1 ScriptdocScript Developer has been enhanced to let you maintain the documentation of your script library directly in Script Developer. This way you can create and maintain your test documentation together with the code and don’t need to be able to read the code to understand the test cases.

Load testing is even more fun now.

XLT can send performance metrics to Graphite, a data collection and graphing tool. From now on you can thus watch the most important performance results in real time while a load test is still running.

We also did some fine-tuning of our reports. Most notably, the runtime charts now visualize the distribution of values and show how this distribution varies over time.

Users of Amazon’s EC2 cloud will be happy to hear that the ec2_admin tool can now also be used in scripted processes, making it possible to fully automate the starting and stopping of Amazon machines.

The scripting capabilities in Script Developer and the XLT framework have been extended. There are new commands to operate an application’s context menu. Package-level test data, a feature unique to XLT, which was previously accessible to test cases only, can now be used from script modules as well.

As usual for a major release, the technology stack the XLT framework is built upon has been updated and now provides the latest WebDriver support. Last but not least, the XLT Jenkins plug-in can now automatically start and stop agent machines in Amazon’s compute cloud.

As always, this update is free of charge for every user. You can use XLT freely for your daily automation work, regression testing, and performance validation. If you are an eligible Open Source project, you can get a full XLT license for your load and performance testing needs for free.

Download it now!