Our Demandware SiteGenesis Community Test Suite

The community test suite homepageToday, we are happy to announce the release of our new Demandware SiteGenesis Community Test Suite! It is a test suite for automated storefront testing of the Demandware SiteGenesis reference e-commerce storefront.

The test suite’s intention is to share experiences, transfer knowledge, and to demonstrate best practices in test automation. The test suite is built using XLT of course. XLT is freely available and extends concepts you already know from Selenium.


  • Over a dozen test cases and more than 200 modules you can build on
  • Test cases for the search, cart, checkout, and account area, as well as catalog navigation
  • Extensive use of test data for test cases and test packages
  • Ready to run via Script Developer or Firefox and Chrome WebDriver
  • Extensive inline as well as exportable documentation for test cases and code
  • Extensive documentation for the structure and style of the test suite
  • Open Source under MIT license
  • Completely free to share, fork, and derive

If you’re a Demandware customer, this test suite will be a great starting point for your own test automation projects. It lays a foundation you can build on. We want to make this project a hub for exchanging ideas, test cases, defects, and much more around test automation. We will add more test cases over time and regularly adjust the tests to new versions of SiteGenesis.

The community test suite at GitHubWe will also continuously update the documentation with information such as Jenkins integration, Sauce Labs support, and the like.

If you are not a Demandware customer, you can still study the design, code, and concepts and derive ideas for your own e-commerce test suite.

The test suite can be downloaded and forked on GitHub (Open Source, MIT License). The installation is a short straightforward process described in the project’s readme.

Please feel free to use it for your own purposes and let us know what you think about it. Any feedback is appreciated!