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It is just HTTPS now

The Blog is HTTPS onlyThe recent events of security problems with WordPress motivated us to speed up the effort to move our blog into the HTTPS only mode. This does not fix WordPress security problems, but makes it easier to spot possible problems later and might protect us against the negative outcome from time to time.

So we set the Strict-Transport-Security header to tell the browser that HTTP is off-limits for this site once and for all. We also turned all links to our blog from our website and internally in the blog including resources into HTTPS links.

Also we set .htaccess redirect rules to force all users to use HTTPS and only hit the domain that has the proper certificate.

The only thing open is to get our hoster convinced to properly support TLS 1.2.

Blog Performance – We Kicked it up a Notch

Usually, we just  measure the performance of our customer’s applications and talk about it, but from time to time we have to set an example ourselves.

In the last couple of weeks, we increasingly felt that our blog isn’t loading fast enough to deliver a satisfying experience. You know that when you can feel it, it might be too late already. Additionally, SEO is about content and performance and our blog is an important marketing tool for us.

That’s why we went on a quest for improving the performance of our company’s WordPress-based blog. Our motto: “Don’t just complain about the lack of performance, do something about it!”

Step 0 – Measuring

Our initial blog performanceMeasuring is believing and so we started with this WebPageTest result. As you can see, the initial performance is bad, a lot of content is not properly cached, and rendering started after 2.6 sec. Time for some serious tuning.

Step 1 – Reading

Tuning requires you to know what to tune. Thus, we read the famous Best Practises for Speeding Up Your Web Site by Yahoo. A similar article by Google can be found here. If you deal with web site performance in any way, you should read this. We consider it mandatory for performance and web testers.

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We switched to English

As you might have noticed, the blog language has changed. All upcoming posts are going to be in English to reach a broader audience. Old articles and tags remain in German. As soon as WordPress 3.0 comes out and offers its promised multi-language, we might split this blog and run it bi-lingual.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Just to quote the famous sentence again.

Englisch oder Deutsch oder beides

In den letzten Tagen kommen wir immer wieder an die Stelle, wo wir uns fragen, ob ein Blog in Englisch nicht Sinn machen würde. Allerdings sollte man den Aufwand zur Pflege von zwei Blogs in zwei Sprachen nicht unterschätzen.

Deswegen die folgenden Fragen an unsere Leser:

  • Brauchen wir zwei Sprachen oder würde ein rein englisches Blog genügen?
  • Ist ein deutschsprachiges Blog gewünscht oder spricht die IT-Welt nicht ohnehin meist Englisch?
  • Würde ein gemischtsprachiges Blog funktionieren?

Wir freuen uns über alle Meinungen.